Our Story

Thank you for your interest in the Caring Series Operational System for your early childcare center. We are sincerely excited about your interest, as we know it will make a huge difference in operations at your preschool, childcare center or home daycare. These essential tools will assist you in creating a safe, fun environment using easy-to-implement practices that form healthy habits for staff, teachers and children. We designed these tools to help teams throughout the country do just that every day!


Using the incredible knowledge of the country’s best early childhood education teachers and administrators, we developed the Caring Series Operational System to enhance the quality and care in your learning center and monitor the daily tasks and responsibilities that are priority. As childcare providers who remained open during the entire pandemic to serve the children of essential workers, many grappled with the reality staff and center families faced. How would we provide the same exceptional care AND dramatically increase our cleaning practices to insure our staff and the children were safe? How could we all work as a team and respond to the pandemic with simple routines which were verifiable? Lives depended upon the ability to navigate the unforeseen and come up with an operational system which would guide our daily practices.

They did it and did it quickly, without compromising education, and with pride and confidence! With this knowledge, we built an easy to use system of wipe and write posters with daily, weekly and monthly task lists, signage and tags. These simple tools and practices will help keep every area of a home-daycare or childcare center organized, safe, healthy and free from the germs which cause illnesses to spread. It’s made such a difference that we know want to share it with childcare facilities all over!

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